News To Use: 2018 Outlooks Galore

Happy New Year! Welcome back to reality.

With the struggle being real for many today, we’ve curated news you can use to kick start 2018.

Here’s what media are writing about what to expect this year – and our POV on what stands out. As you figure out your thought leadership, these are trends you can keep in mind. Whether you are a thought leader, or working inside an organization, this backdrop will be important to consider as you look for ways to leverage your news with what is going on in the marketplace.


Axios: The Top Risks to Global Order in 2018
Our POV: Eek, this is a bit dreary – calling for a major crisis. On the bright side, market experts/economists/politicos – this could be a great PR year for you. Womp womp.


The New York Times: From Trump to #MeToo, A Dizzying Year for TV News
Our POV: Even as networks stand strong, how will the ousted stars regain their reputational equity? I sense comebacks…and some good reads.


Fast Company: The Most Important Tech Trends Of 2018, According To Top VCs
Our POV: Community based businesses + digital/physical experiences are on the list. Hey, I still read hard copy newspapers and actually call people, so I’m all for IRL experiences.


CNBC: Here are Three Key Global Themes Set to Dominate Markets in 2018
Our POV: Prepare for more wrist slapping for tech giants while global growth continues and Trump and Macron ideologies duke it out.


WIRED: Where VCs Will Invest in 2018
Our POV: I’ll be closely watching blockchain and paid media given their relevance to multiple industries.


Vox: 5 Healthcare Predictions for 2018
Our POV: Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid – oh my. Plus, a sweet chart that creates guilt for eating Chobani yogurt.


FORTUNE: Here’s What Retailers Have to Prove in 2018
Our POV: Even if retailers go private to avoid Wall Street pressures, let’s remember they still report to the consumer.

REAL ESTATE 5 Trends Shaping the 2018 Real Estate Market
Our POV: Sounds lovely for the high-net-worth crowd. More opportunities abound for vacation home buyers and second home buyers.